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Hot weather and refreshing Adriatic waters are gathering numerous beach-goers in Croatia. You can see from our photographs that summer in Pula, the beautiful Croatian town in Istrian region, is in its full swing.

Pula is known in world’s literature as „city of fugitives“, as heroes of Greek mythology Jason and Medea founded the settlement during their retreat from Colchis fleet. But in these circumstances, Pula is also a great place to escape daily stress and have a wonderful vacation.

Summer in Pula (17)

In addition to lovely beaches, Pula is also a home to numerous localities of historical and cultural importance. The absolute highlight is a large Roman Amphitheater, a well-preserved ancient coliseum which used to host gladiator fights and similar spectacles. Today, it serves as a prime event space, welcoming visitors during movie festivals and musical evenings.

Several thousand tourists are already stationed in Pula, yet some opt to rent luxurious villas in the region’s continental territories, known for their gorgeous natural sceneries. No matter the type of accommodation, Istria is a great place to be in the next several weeks.

Summer in Pula (16)

Weather forecast is also encouraging for summer activities. According to reports, Croatia can expect nothing but clear skies and high temperatures in the upcoming time. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t consider being in the outdoors without applying sun cream on your skin.

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Check out more images of summer in Pula and corresponding activities in our photo gallery below:


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