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The summer heat waves are common in Croatia, with temperatures sometimes exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. Unless going for a beach, most people opt to stay at home up to early evening hours. But the sunny outdoors of Hvar are too tempting for some, and they decide for a quick walk through the ancient settlement. Founded by Greek colonists in 4th century BC, the town can’t hide its long history and awes with its genuine Mediterranean beauty.

Sunny Outdoors of Hvar

If you are one of those unafraid of high digits on thermometer, remember to keep yourself hydrated and carry a water bottle at all times. Also, apply efficient sun-cream to your skin, wear something on your head and don’t forget the sunglasses. If you want a preview of what can be expected from sunny outdoors of Hvar check out the images in our gallery below.

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Photo: Tonci Plazibat / CROPIX