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Deep in the mountainous part of Dalmatia lies the Town of Drnis, known for its long tradition in prosciutto preparation and other sorts of dry meat delicacies. In its vicinity, one can find the romantic village of Pakovo Selo and its hamlet of Rakici, featuring every little detail small settlements of Croatia are known for- from long history to pleasant atmosphere. Yet, Rakici goes even further, as it has „Kuca kamena“, an old museum-like estate where you can be introduced to the ways of old Croatian living. The literal translation of the site would be „The House of Stone“.

Stone House of Zagora (3)

The owner of the place, Frano Rakic, is always ready to talk about his interesting locality. „I always dreamt of transforming my old house into a small tourist estate, which looks somewhat as a stone keep,” he explains. “I put a lot of sweat into it, but fundamentally managed to conclude the project and offer my guests a unique and raw experience of life in the Zagora region.”

The Stone House of Zagora is quite a popular choice for foreign guests of Croatia. In addition of learning about Croatian past, they are offered the much-known local delicacies: home-made cheese, prosciutto, rakija and wine. Such tasty and informative excursion is difficult to ignore, especially if you know that Pakovo Selo is surrounded by bicycle tracks and promenades around Canyon of Cikola.Lovers of history and archeology will appreciate a visit to Kljucica, a 13th century fort built by Nelipici family of nobles. The defensive structure was built out of precaution, as another house of Croatian nobility, the influential Subics, begun to rise in power.

Check out the beauty of Kuca Kamena in our photo gallery below.


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