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Searching for a classy accommodation for your upcoming visit of Dubrovnik? The renowned city really deserves a staying place worthy of its fame, and Dubrovnik clouds could just do the trick. Two luxurious rooms, called Cloud 9 and Cloud 11 are open for rent to every comer, promising an enjoyable home away from home.

290716-stan u Dubrovniku 3

Located in the close proximity of central Stradun Street, these Dubrovnik clouds number 50 square meters in size, and are stationed in a building dating from 17th century. Initially, the two rooms were looking more like ancient Ragusa ramparts than a modern accommodation, but thanks to Sarajevo-based studio FO4A Architecture, they arrived to its current shine.

The team behind renovation wanted to add contemporary interior features, but respected the original construction patterns. As far as comfort and cultural inheritance is questioned, this accommodation has both.

290716-stan u Dubrovniku 17

Check out Dubrovnik Clouds in our photo gallery below. All images are courtesy of HOME DSGN.


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