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There are many ways to tell whether tourist season has begun in Croatia. One of them is to check out the number of luxurious yachts harbored along the Adriatic coast. Reserved for the wielders of deep pockets, these floating castles are always nice to see, and cause awe wherever they appear.

The beautiful town of Split, for example, became a notable gathering point of luxurious yachts. Their owners are keen to explore the gorgeous Dalmatian surroundings, both of coastal and continental nature. But while they are away, their vessels themselves surely get a lot of attention, serving as unique scenery for photographs of the passing tourists.


Split is no stranger to luxury. After all, the entire city has begun its glorious history as a palace of Roman Emperor Diocletian. And with prime naval and cruising services available, it is expected that these classy fleet will annually increase in size.  Some notable international celebrities, including actors and sportsman, have already enjoyed Split’s hospitality, and left its premises with nothing but words of praise.

It should be noted that visitors don’t have to arrive with their own vessel in Split. There are plenty of options for renting sailboats with professional skipper crews, and many guests decide to come by plane, and book their naval voyage in advance.


The local residents are also under impression by luxurious yachts, but their presence usually encourages witty good-hearted comments. “I wouldn’t mind having one of these on my dock,” says 30-year old Sime, a fisherman from Sibenik. “But I don’t see any fishing net holders, so I guess I wouldn’t have much use of it in the long run.”

How many luxurious yachts do you own? If you are planning to buy one, consider Croatia as your maiden voyage. Maybe even to the magnificent town of Split!  Here is the fresh photo gallery of the vessels currently harbored in this Dalmatian settlement.


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