The Adriatic Times Sinke

Not many would find splashes of cold water enjoyable. But if you are on Zadar coasts, chances are you wouldn’t mind a couple of refreshing drops on your skin. This is because they are caused by Adriatic waves that provide a rather unique setting while crashing on solid Dalmatian ground.

Among the most popular destinations in Croatia, Zadar is an old city with long past and many stories to tell. It is known for its modern art installations, though, such as coastal Sea Organ that plays music with the help of aforementioned Adriatic waves.

Having an autumn stroll through Zadar shores has its benefits, as you can see in our image gallery below. It is an inspiring locality for camera-loving people, as well as those having strong bonds with seas across the world. Clear and fascinating, the windy shores of Croatia are exciting place to visit even during the year’s colder months.

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Photo: Jure Miskovic / CROPIX