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The largest theme park in Croatia is opening its doors! Join both locals and foreigners in one of the most entertaining spots of Mediterranean region. The adrenaline-filled activities wait for you in Fun Park Biograd including Tornadoes, Rollercoasters, Sky Flyers and many more. The galaxy of watery fun is ready to be discovered in the heart of Dalmatia.

The grandiose water-based theme park has already stationed itself as one of the most popular places on Croatian coast for all generations. Whether you wish to embark on a journey through space, board a pirate ship or accept a duel in Wild West setting- Fun Park Biograd is ready to deliver.

If you want to board the ‘Crazy Rides’ of Dalmatia, you’ll be happy to know that fun park opens its doors on April 25th. There’s plenty of time to plan your arrival in Croatia and learn why some tourists are arriving to Biograd just to enjoy this happy place.

In addition to opening ceremony, visitors will be able to witness theme park’s newest attraction:  a large waterfall called Atlantis: Spiel Water. Featuring a wagon that ascends the attendees to height of twenty meters just to launch them down to water surface, it will certainly become a treat for every lover of splashy entertainment.

Fun Park Biograd is opened from 12 a.m. to 8 p.m. between April 25th and May 1st. Once this period expires, the water park opens its doors every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until June 9th. After that time, the peak summer season will take place- prompting even more opportunities to dive into Biograd entertainment.

If you are on Facebook, track the opening event here. All other information can be obtained at the official website of Fun Park Biograd. Wake up from winter dreams- the summer is around the corner. Excite in Biograd and have a lovely time in Croatia’s most popular theme park.

Photo: Fun Park Biograd