The Adriatic Times Sinke

In the waters of beautiful Dalmatian coast, one can find numerous islands. Some are quite known, and serve as popular tourist destinations of Croatia. Yet Sestrunj, a rather small island in Zadar archipelago, is not having such high hype. Maybe precisely for this reason, it did not lose its charm and genuine vibe.

Sestrunj can be found approximately 15 kilometers away from Zadar, between islands of Rivanj and Zvernica. As many similar localities in Croatia, its settlements are rapidly losing population, as younger generations move to continental regions in pursuit of job opportunities. However, secluded and far away from crowds, it can be a dream come true to those who seek peace and quiet.


The Island of Sestrunj was recently visited by experienced journalist Andrina Luic, who runs a popular website Nasi Skoji. During her stay, she made a lovely image gallery of everyday occurances on the island, deopicting local residents, their daily errands and even their pets.

So if you wish to learn what living on a small Croatian island looks like in the colder season of the year, check out the thumbnails below.

Photo: Andrina Luic / Nasi Skoji