The Adriatic Times Sinke

Imagine watching charming streets of Sibenik through the window as you enjoy a cup of hot tea and listen to tender music. For some people, this is all they imagine from their vacation during the year’s colder period. And it is all available in beautiful Villa Pergola, located in the historical core of Dalmatia‘s renowned destination.

The villa welcomes guests in five accommodation spaces, one of them being a studio apartment with a terrace on the buidling roof. The locality has been decorated for the Merry Season and can surely be counted as one of the nicest boutique hotels in entire Dalmatia. Also known to locals as Kuca Bujas-Rontec, Villa Pergola can greatly add to your experience of Sibenik , especially during the happy Christmas days.  Schedule your arrival on the official site after checking out the vibes of our image gallery below.

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Photo: Dom & Dizajn