The Adriatic Times Sinke

Isn’t the photo above the perfect way of inviting you to Croatia? To many people that live far away from Adriatic Sea, this is dream come true for their vacation.  You can find this naval landscape in Picena valley, a picturesque site on Korcula Island. It is a part of Mediterano Vacation House that is located merely 30 meters from the sea and offers prime luxury for your stay.

Korcula is one of Croatia’s most beloved islands, featuring walled cities and beautiful outdoor destinations. Of course, as literally every place on Croatian shore, it has its own share of remote beaches and valleys one can explore. It is also known as home to moreska, a warrior dance of Croats that has constant performances in the city during peak season.

Wish to arrange your visit to Picena? In that  case, click here to visit the offical website of Medierano and schedule your arrival to coasts of  Korcula.

Photo: Dom & Dizajn