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A lot of Croatian lighthouses are being renovated to become prime tourist accommodations, yet only one of them is luxurious enough to receive five-stars rating. The resort in question is called Villa Lanterna, but everybody calls it “Kuca Starog Kapetana” (Old Captain’s House). You can find it in the southwest region of Island Vir.

The lighthouse of Vir has been constructed in late 19th century, during the reign of Austro-Hungarian monarchy. As such, it is considered a cultural monument of fundamental importance by Croatian authorities. However, that doesn’t stop it from being a superb place to stay during your vacation on Croatia’s already gorgeous coast.

Spend Your Summer in the Lighthouse of Vir by Iva Perincic

Just a few steps away from romantic Reader’s Video: 12 Best Croatian Beachessand-pebble beach (suitable for all ages), Vir lighthouse can provide hospitality up to eight guests. It features two floors, four bedrooms, full technical fit-out and boasts with impressive 180 square meters in size.  The dining room comes with a private minibar, and a selection of wine bottles. The living room features a large wall-mounted TV set, and the entire estate is covered with wireless internet access.

Two larger rooms have access to circular balcony, which surrounds the lighthouse tower. Visitors are also invited to enjoy the benefits of a small wellness facility, situated in the estate’s outdoors. One can also relax in the external sunbathing spot, located in the middle of a Mediterranean garden.  The lighthouse of Vir is also in the vicinity of numerous promenades and cycling tracks, so guests are always capable of having a healthy holiday exercise. You don’t have to rent your mountain bikes, as there are eight of them in the lighthouse’s garage, and can be used whenever in need.


Last but not least, this old captain’s home comes with 24/7 butler service, so you can expect a perfect treatment during the stay. If you need a transport to harbors and airfields, that can also be organized by Vir lighthouse staff. And in case you wish to have a special event, such as celebration or business meeting in lovely premises, its staging is just a matter of agreement.

Reserve your spot in the lighthouse of Vir by visiting Virturizam website. In the meantime, enjoy this photo gallery of the estate, courtesy of Iva Perincic and Antun Unkovic.


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