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Who says that Dalmatian villages can be visited only in summer time? You don’t need a swimming-friendly weather to have a lovely stay on these locations, as proven by our image gallery of Stobrec. This little settlement can be found in immediate vicinity of Split and offers a very relaxing vibe for those who opt to spend their free time on Adriatic Coast in winter.

The settlement itself has quite a story to tell. It developed from the ancient Illyrian place that became a Greek Town of Epetium. This past can be tracked thanks to a large number of archaic gravestone inscriptions and ramparts from that period.  Emperor Diocletian himself ordered the locality to become a site of a new settlement during his retirement.  Stobrec was also the final resting place of Roman general Artorius Castus, as his sarcophagus was discovered on premises.

Stobrec is a very attractive locality for vacation during warmer time of the year. But a lot of things can be done here in winter. A perfect retreat for those who value easy-going life and walks in the refreshing weather, this town also has a lot of peaceful fishing spots alongside its coasts. For some people, the latter could be the sole reason to pack their bags and fishing rods for this Dalmatian destination. If seeking peace and quiet, maybe now it is the time to schedule your vacation time.

What life looks like in Stobrec during winter? Check it out on images below and be inspired for a visit, no matter the forecast. And don’t forget we are always happy to publish your own photos of Croatia. Just upload them to our Facebook Wall and earn a chance to become our media contributor of the day. Stobrec might be a very inspirational place for such task.

Photo: Zvonimir Barisin / CROPIX