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“Croatia is fable-like.” This is one of the most common descriptions of the Mediterranean country by its foreign visitors. And it suits the land well. With hundreds of castles and forts (such as magnificent Trakoscan and equally impressive Tabor Keep) Croatia really resembles an enchanted realm where fables and real. But Croatian nature also has its fantasy-driven sites. One of them is surely the source of Una, a river in Dalmatian county.

Discover the beauty

Found in mountainous Lika region at the altitude of almost 400 meters, this fascinating natural site is located on the slopes of Pljesivica Mountain, near the village of Donja Suvaja. Surrounded by thick forests which seem to be under a wonderful spell, and high cliffs which look like gigantic guardians of its beauties, the source of Una resembles an illustration from old granny’s fairytale books.

Those who follow the path through the woods and reach the impressive site won’t be disappointed. In front of their eyes, they will have a small lake of distinctive color. Its blue variations will play with green tones, as if some underwater magician plays with light. The first small waterfall can be found only a few meters down the stream. You may spend countless hours next to the source of Una, and not feel bored or having an urge to leave for some other place.

Magical Depths

However, the tranquility can be misleading. Despite looking like a taming exterior, the lake is actually one of the deepest in the region. In 2007, an international expedition under leadership of Italian caving diver Luigi Casati went to discover the secrets beneath Una’s surface. The team returned home with photographs taken on the depth of 205 meters. The aforementioned underwater magician surely has a lot of space under the source of Una.

The Source of Una Value

Because of its unique beauty and high hydro-morphological value, the source of Una and its canyon have been proclaimed a protected monument of nature. This was done by Croatian state as early as 1968. If in love with “Game of Thrones”, don’t miss this inspiring spot during your visit.


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