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The always vivid online world of Croatia has been enriched by a new viral photo. The hilarious image depicts a sizeable bed on the beach of Kolovare, one of the most popular coastal sites of Zadar. It is unknown who has brought it, and for what purpose. But surrounded with hundreds of beach-goers with cameras, the bed has quickly become quite a popular piece of furniture.

Somebody has put a Bed on the Beach in Zadar

Several theories have emerged, trying to explain this strange ‘Dalmatian phenomenon’. Some suggest that bed on the beach is actually a part of a certain commercial campaign.  Maybe even for the bed manufacture itself. The other says it is a mocking work of art, joking about the practice of leaving towels overnight on the beach, in order to keep the good spots occupied in the following day.

Sea Organ Swimming

Whatever the case, Zadar has a new witty topic to have fun with.  If you have an idea why would somebody bring bed on the beach of Kolovare, leave it in our comments section. In the meantime, learn more about Zadar, another great Destination on Croatian coast, which annually attracts thousands of satisfied guests.


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