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For over two decades, Skopljanac family takes care of their old hamlet, located in the peaceful plain in heights of Dalmatian mountains. One can find it next to small settlement of Radosica, Lecevica County, approximately 30 kilometers away from Split. The hamlet is called Skopljanci, and it might be just the thing you need in the upcoming summer for a restful, stress-free vacation.

Skopljanci (5)

“Our family was organizing bikijada festivities in the region for two generations,” said Marko Skopljanac. “These were popular events during which people would choose the most handsome bull, play traditional games, enjoy Dalmatian delicacies and generally have fun. During one such bikijada, we got an idea to do some repairs to our hamlet, and transform it into a tourist destination. The fact that people are impressed by Skopljanci shows that we didn’t make a mistake.”

The hamlet is providing its guests with authentic vibe of old Dalmatia. It is like a large outdoor museum, featuring over 1500 exhibits which depict what life looked like in the regional past.

“Our most beloved exhibit is an old wooden chest filled with traditional clothes of Dalmatia. I remember when one Italian family came to Skopljanci after visiting Medugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They have put these clothes on, and refused to take them off. They went sightseeing the hamlet wearing these outfits. They were really impressed,” Marko explains. “They offered money to buy them, but we refused. The treasures of our ancestors have to be kept.”


The hamlet has only original features of Dalmatia. There are no replicas or imitations, as Skopljanac family is very strict when it comes to visual experience. “Our guests don’t lack modern technologies, though” Marko notes. “Our accommodations have wireless internet, television sets, hi-fi devices and karaoke hardware. Yet, all of these are hidden in old wardrobes, so nothing really breaks the vibe of old times.”

There are two apartments ready for guests in Skopljanci, and three konoba-inns offer local delicacies. Various events and activities are available, including Olympics in traditional games of Dalmatian region, long walks through thick oak forests, carnivals and, last but not least, aforementioned bikijada festivities. Weddings can be also organized in Skopljanci, and children can be entertained at small playgrounds.


“Next year, we plan to build a pool here, and a place to stage musical concerts. But as always, visual experience and atmosphere of Dalmatia come first,” concluded Marko, showing the beautiful hamlet.



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