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Fruit Square is considered to be one of the most beautiful sites in Split, and has acquired its nickname from the women who used to gather here to sell their vegetables. The official name of this place is Radic Brothers’ Square, but its picturesque history had great influence causing no one to call it by its real name today. It is full of life during the day and at night, thanks to the subtle lighting, as the atmosphere becomes more intimate. Visitors of various generations gather here to enjoy the gastronomy and also see the cultural contents. This square played an important role in art for it was here that the famous Split TV series ˝Velo misto ˝was filmed.

Here are just seven things one can experience on Split Fruit Square.


The Venetian tower has played its part in the magnificent appearance of the square, and to be more precise, the preserved remains of the tower built after Split fell under Venetian rule in 1420. From then and up to 1797 when Venetian rule ended, the tower was exceptionally important in the protection of the territory. A preserved octagonal tower still stands on Fruit Square as historical witness.



The Milesi family was a noble Split family that came to this city from Italy and left its traces. Their triangular palace is one of the most beautiful in Split and interesting for its Renaissance-Baroque appearance. Today it is a site for various lectures and the scientific and cultural manifestations “Mediterranean Book” and “Marulic Days”.


A special place on Fruit Square is held by the monument dedicated to Marko Marulic (1450-1524), the great Split literate and humanist also called the “Father of Croatian Literature”. The monument was made by the well-known sculptor Ivan Mestrovic who shows Marulic holding a book in one hand and speaking to people. Verses by Tin Ujevic, a great 20th century Croatian poet, are on the pedestal.


Fairs are often organized here, and passers-by can buy various handicrafts – jewelry, clothes and many objects with historical motives woven into them. Street musicians and other performers give Fruit Square an artistic note and contribute to its relaxing atmosphere.


Kokolo Juice Bar has an offer that reminds of times gone by when fruit was sold on this square, but its appearance is without doubt modern. Here you can refresh with smoothies -fruit salads, green juices and fruit breakfasts. You will have to put aside 4 Euros for Diocletian’s salad which is made up of different types of fruit, hazelnuts and honey.


What characterizes all the restaurants on Fruit Square is the marvelous view. If you wish to join gastronomic delights with beautiful surroundings, this is just the place. In Marul Restaurant you can taste numerous meat and fish specialties. You will have to prepare 25 Euros for seashells in ‘buzara’ sauce.


Favola Tavern offers fish carpaccio with red orange at the price of 20 Euros, and if you wish to taste homemade pasta and risotto the right place for you is Shook Caffe Bar where you can order white risotto with shrimps for 10 Euros.

Mamma Burger Bar offers a choice of various burgers with prices ranging around 6 Euros, and for those who like a more intimate atmosphere Konoba˛& Bar Makarun is the place only a few steps away from Fruit Square. A passage divides the restaurant terrace from the street so you can enjoy the gastronomy offer in peace and quiet. Besides fish, it offers an interesting meat menu where marinated lamb meat with rosemary and garlic will cost you 20 Euros.

To complete your gastronomic delight, you can taste various Croatian and foreign wines in La Bodega. You can come here for a brunch in the morning hours while in the evening you can enjoy the live music. La Bodega is a popular gathering place for all generations and a glass of wine will cost you about 5 Euros.


You can find original Croatian products in the shops on Fruit Square. Besides Ghetaldus optics with its 59-year-old tradition, there is the Croata shop. Here you can buy a tie in the country of its origin. Namely, the tie appeared in Croatia and spread over Europe during the Thirty Year War. In Croata shop, you can choose among the wide offer of ties, and the price of a classical one is 53 Euros.


If your shopping is somewhat different, then there is the Scientific Library where you can buy various publications at the price of 25 Euros. Clothes shops can also be found on Fruit Square such as Kabinet Store Street clothing & more with urban clothes and accessories such as popular backpacks with a price of 40 Euros. In Michal Negrin shop, the clothes are more refined and the jewelry is handmade. The price of these products varies, and somewhat more affordable jewelry can be found at the price of 40 Euros.

Anja Popovic / The Adriatic Times


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