The Adriatic Times Sinke

On the northeast slopes of Biokovo Mountain, one can find the old medieval town of Vrgorac. It is an ancient settlement, somewhat unjustly forgotten on the lists of best destinations in Croatia. But maybe precisely because of this fact, it is still having an authentic Dalmatian vibe and is spared from dense crowds in the summer season.

The local community is small, but very proud of its strawberry and prosciutto industry. In addition, Vrgorac is an important town for Croatian poetry, being the birthplace of renowned artist Tin Ujevic. Another notable Croat, alpinist and film director Stipe Bozic, also comes from this little settlement.

In the neighboring Hamlet of Kotezi, family Stankovic has a gorgeous estate. It is a residence with a full century of existence, surrounded with over 200 square meters of private outdoors. Imagined as a site of family gatherings, it is not available for tourist rental at the moment. That might change in the future, though, as demand for cozy Adriatic residence is always high. The sea is just twenty minutes away by car.

The spot has been recently renovated, which required quite a lot of financial assets. As a matter of fact, it took almost three years for works to be completed. However, the family didn’t mind the cost, as they wanted the residence to reflect the past times, as well as be a comfortable place for living. Every removed stone went through thorough cleaning process before being returned, and the same procedure was applied to structure basis itself.

The interior is modest in furniture, so it doesn’t take long for the house to be tidied up. The kitchen was custom-made, while night cabinets were restored in decoupage technique. A lot of items that were already present in the house were renovated and freshly painted. That way, the atmosphere of the past times was left untouched, providing the guests with lots of unique features.

Check out our gallery of the estate below, and do consider visiting the charming medieval town of Vrgorac.

Photo: Ivo Ravlic / Hanza Media