The Adriatic Times Sinke

Having a simple accommodation on the coast is all what some people seek. But in recent years, many visitors of Croatian coast expressed desire for a more stylish staying place. The lovely ground-level apartments owned by Dario Ivanovic are just the thing for people who want a special home-away-from-home.  Situated in the small town called Kraj on the gorgeous Island of Pasman, these prime accommodations were arranged by architectural studio 2A. Bonding tradition with modernity, the summer flats are separated by walls that assure privacy. Close to shore and surrounded with pristine outdoors of Dalmatian isle, they are quite popular localities and an example of fine contemporary design.

„Experience taught me to invest in living rooms of my rentals. But as guests like to be outside during summer vacation, we moved the quarter to a fenced part of a terrace,“ Dario explained to Croatia Times source. „It is walled from three sides and has an airduct on the roof, so the space is constanly being refreshed and is a delight to be in.“

Every flat has 75 square meters in size and consists of three sleeping rooms, two bathrooms and a dining area.

„Pasman is still not a recognizable brand in Croatian tourism, but that is bound to change in the forseable future. That is why we are not afraid to invest in our offer. And the fact that we have been succesful so far proves that we are on the good way,“ Davor concludes.

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Photo: Boris Kacan / CROPIX