The Adriatic Times Sinke

Once dusk slowly lowers the sun towards horizon, people in Dalmatia observe a fascinating world of color. Coupled with romantic settlement located on the very shores of Adriatic Sea and sounds of waves that gently touch the coast, the sunset of Kastel Stari is a sight that both calms and induces reflection in the observer. It is small wonder that Dalmatian inhabitants have a lot of passion for life, as proven by large number of writers and singers that were born in the region.

Sunset Kastel Stari

Kastel Stari literally means “An Old Keep” in Croatian language. This is because the settlement was founded in 15th century when Croatian territories were harassed by Turkish invaders. Almost every village has built defensive structures such as walls, towers and small castles in order to increase their level of safety. In Kastel Stari, local wealthy man called Koriolano Cipik was allowed to build a keep on his own expanse. The building attracted more settlers, leading to formation of a larger settlement. The keep has been renovated and rebuilt several times during its existence, and can be visited in present day.

Sunset Kastel Stari

Today Croatia is a safe country, the old kastel witnessing the dire times of the past. Together with sunset of Kastel Stari, it is a beautiful landmark that attracts thousands of visitors to this old coastal town.

Observe the beauty of Kastel Stari outdoors in our image gallery below.

Photo: Zvonimir Barisin / CROPIX