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Artist Bozica Kliman is an important name on the Island of Ugljan. She is responsible for numerous artistic benches scattered along the locality, serving as destination’s unique feature.

“The inspiration came after my visit to Barcelona, where I was happy enough to see the vivid Park Güell. It was, and still is, a place which is full of fascinating shapes, colors and patterns,” Kliman explains. “When I returned home, I decided to decorate a bench in my yard with mosaics. It was much loved by the community, and soon a deal with local Tourist Board was arranged.”

Alen Ferina
Alen Ferina

The idea is that every settlement on Ugljan receives at least one artistic bench. Each of them features mosaics with Adriatic motifs, including sun, sea and sailboats. “So far, I made four benches. In the addition to the one I already mentioned, visitors can see them in the very settlement of Ugljan, Mostir Valley and in the small village of Muline.”

Visitors of Ugljan are very impressed with Kliman’s works, and they gladly take photos of themselves sitting on artistic benches. “They really bring positive vibrations to people, and are favorite spot for taking pictures,” said one tourist official.

What is exceptionally interesting is the fact that Kliman always welcomes assistance during her work on the benches.  “I’m inviting tourists to put their own tiles in the bench. Once they revisit Croatia, they always have a tiny piece to which they are attached. It’s always here for them,” the artist concludes.

Alen Ferina
Courtesy of Alen Ferina

The project was so successful that Bozica’s benches are perceived as one of Island’s most original symbols. In case you venture to its shores, don’t hesitate to take a seat on this lovely art piece, and enjoy the gorgeous Adriatic settings in front of you.

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