Have you ever dreamed of being a seagull (or any similar bird, for that matter)? Although it sounds funny, modern technology makes the experience at least somewhat possible. Thanks to availability of drones equipped with cameras, we can now explore various naval destinations from completely new angle- the aerial view of birds.

In the video above you may witness the impressive shores of Krk Island. The clip has been uploaded by YouTube user misipile and was made with a flying drone.  Let it be an inspiration for your own Croatian adventure with film-making gadgetry.

Island Krk is among the most visited destinations in Croatia. Tied with the mainland through a beautiful bridge, it is reachable in less than four hours of car driving from the Croatian capital. The island’s unofficial symbols are delicious cake called presnec and an impressive grotto called Biserujka. Guests can enjoy numerous beaches, some even covered with a special type of mud that provides benefits to skin conditions.

Shores of Vrbnik
Tea Cimas / Hanza Media

It is also a welcoming spot in terms of accommodation. Just check out places such as this tree house, this stone manor and this impressive villa.  It is beautiful being a seagull on Krk, but being a human visitor is still a much better option.

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