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You know how the story goes. All great things come to an end, and saying goodbye to summer isn’t uncommon at this time. September has reached its half, the beaches of Croatia are far from being crowded and finding a room isn’t such a big issue anymore. Even the weather temperatures are not as gentle as one month ago, right? Well no, that is far from truth.

Thanks to fine outdoor conditions, this year’s summer has a strong post-season. Judging from photos of certain settlements, one would say vacation time is in its full swing. Just take a quick glance on our recently made photo gallery, depicting the fun people have on the shores of Hvar Island.


Swimming suits and cocktails won’t be leaving these premises anytime soon. As a matter of fact, if you detest crowds and want to have a more relaxing Croatian vacation, now is a perfect time to visit the country. You may also find the pricing ranges had changes as well, and things can be bought and attended for less money.

We won’t be saying goodbye to summer then, as proven by the gallery below. Check out its images, and be inspired to visit Hvar, or some other Croatian locality, in the upcoming days.


It always remains so great to get huge fun with it.


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