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There are lots of bars and night clubs in Split to enjoy. But visitors who like naval design won’t mind spending their evenings in Maduro Bar. This Dalmatian locality is of novel date, situated on Western coast of Dalmatian capital, and providing a gorgeous view of Sveti Duje Bell tower. In addition to prime gin drinks on the menu, this bar has interior reminiscent of a wooden ship. The impressive size of 230 square meters adds to the impression, and having a seat on a large terrace will seem as if being on an outdoor deck.

“The idea behind Marudo Bar was to have a stranded cocktail bar in the middle of Split,” said Marita Kacunic  of F Group Company, which owns the bar. “Our biggest asset is being merely two meters away from the sea. Plus, the terrace has a naval vessel decking and our large bar looks like a ship itself. It is as if being on a luxury cruise, yet on solid ground.”

In order to make a stronger illusion of being on a cruise, the wooden parts of the bar were treated with inotak, a chemical which prevents algae formation. The bottle storages look like cages, in order to protect them in the case of large waves. Finally, the walls have circular windows, similar to those used on ships.

The menus are designed to resemble safety belts, and all staff is wearing sailor uniforms. The terrace features sculptures of seagulls, which track vessels in all corners of the world.

“We also have an impressive selection of gin drinks. Our top offer includes Gin Tonka, which is produced in only 1000 bottles. Mare is also quite popular, as well as our craft cocktails,” Marita concludes.

Become a crew-member of Maduro Bar on address Obala Kneza Branimira 7a, in beautiful Town of Split. Check the place out in our photo gallery below.

Photo: Maksim Basic