The Adriatic Times Sinke

Did you know that Croatia has close aerial ties with Italy? The two countries neighbor at sea, and in addition to naval traffic, a lot of Croatian settlements are tied with Italian regions via airplane routes. One of such connections is between Zadar and Trieste, which celebrates no less than a full century of its founding.

But this is not a usual airfare relation between the two remarkable towns. The flyers are modified to work on the sea surfaces as well, thus having no need for factual airfields. The planes simply ascend and descend from the Adriatic waves, providing their passengers with a rather unique way of travelling.

If you are keen to explore Croatia this way, you are certain to have a great time. With one hundred years of tradition, the hydroplanes of Zadar and Trieste are waiting for your booking. In case you already took part in this Croatian-Italian adventure, share your thoughts in our comments section below.


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