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Istria is renowned for a large number of charming and picturesque towns, one of them being Bale. Located close, yet not technically on the Adriatic shore, the settlement features a lovely estate called Villa Aurora, surrounded with pristine nature of central Istrian region.

„We accidently ventured into Bale one year, and immediately fell in love with it,” the owners started their story. “We just couldn’t resist its friendly locals, fascinating peace, long history and positive vibe. Initially, we wanted to build a house for ourselves there, but learning about Istria’s tourist potential, we opted to make a vacation-oriented villa.”


As a place of luxury and genuine architectural beauty, Villa Aurora is literally a palace of Istrian peninsula. The interior has lavish 250 square meters in size, which is impressive enough. Yet, the surrounding outdoor area numbers them 1500, providing visitors with fascinating natural sights and opportunities for leisure during sunny days. The house is located in the broad center of Bale, meaning that local infrastructure is just a few minutes of walk away.

“We didn’t want to have a classic Istrian villa, but we didn’t want to lose the touch of it either,” the owner, being a professional paintress, explains to LC source. “Our goal was to make a romantic combination of tradition and modern luxury. The work was done by architect Valter Kostesic and ZooMarhitekti Studio.”


The interior combines the wooden and stone surfaces, along with elements of iron. All furniture was made by local craftspeople. The villa has several sleeping rooms and corresponding bathroom facilities, all arranged to be cozy and provide the sense of luxury to residents.

The outdoor pool is always ready to provide guests with relaxation and refreshment in hotter days, and two olive trees assure lovely view of the surroundings. One of these plants is 200 years old, bearing witness to numerous historical events.


If you are interested in becoming a guest of Villa Aurora, send an e-mail to Bale’s Tourist Board, and prepare yourself for a luxurious stay in Istrian countryside. Check out the estate’s image gallery below, authored by Rajan Milosevic.


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