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River Cetina is a very notable rafting spot in Croatia, featuring many streams and reasonably strong currents. One can traverse it with a boat or a kayak, but as you can observe from the photos, a large tire will do as well. The merry company from Trnbusi settlement in Dalmatia decided to tame the river with this uncommon vessel, and have a unique adventure in Croatian landscape.

It took them ten days to conclude the exciting journey, which begun on river source and ended up near the Adriatic shoreline. Thanks to our photo reporter, the best parts ended in our image gallery below.

Ante Cizmic CROPIX

Although the team had an exciting time, it is advised that unexperienced crews do not attempt similar activities without professional surveillance. That being said, the canyon of Cetina is truly a magnificent place and a sure time investment during your stay in Croatia. As a matter of fact, its flow into saltwater coastline made fascinating underwater sceneries, that can be visited in scuba-diving sessions.

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