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Our traveling food expert, Radovan Marcic, made a trip to Dubrovnik in order to visit Restaurant Sesame. It was not the first time that he visited the renowned place, yet he knew that the fine diner always finds new ways to surprise its visitors. This time, it was not different. The restaurant made another great impression.

„Without any restrains, I must admit that Sesame Restaurant is among the best diners in Croatia,“ Marcic noted, remembering how the tale actually begun. Long before becoming what it is today, the diner’s space was actually an art gallery. People would often come to see the exhibits, prompting the owner Misko Ercegovic to open a small café. After some time, small snacks were offered to the visitors. But once Ercegovic’s life partner Marina Zibert took overtook the kitchen, a new star of Dubrovnik culinary offer has been born.


A passionate chef who learned old ways of Dalmatian cooking alongside with contemporary techniques on major European culinary schools, Marina has successfully established the Sesame Brand. Always innovating, her approach to food preparation is exciting and unique, and every visitor leaves with smile.


Marcic begn his meal with duck breasts, covered with thin-cut cauliflower, broccoli and fennel. She also added toasted hazels and home-made oil on top. He also enjoyed wild bass fillet served on mashed potatoes in sauce of lobster and urchin. Finally, the diner also impressed Marcic with black risotto, served with cuttlefish, sea shells and shrimps. Other notable orders include various meat and pasta dishes, each of them being original and fulfilling. If you are in Dubrovnik and plan to eat well, don’t hesitate to visit Restaurant Sesame.


The diner can be found in don Frana Bulica Street 7, in close proximity of Pile gate. Located in an old family house with two centuries of age, it blends with the fascinating surroundings of Dubrovnik quite well. It is a perfect staying spot during your exploration of the ancient city, and will certainly contribute to your experience of Croatia.


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