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A perfect place for artists seeking peace and inspiration can be rented in Zvoneca village, which is located near the renowned Opatija Town. It is owned by a Croatian musician and painter Vedran Ruzic, who initially wanted to make it his own private attelier. But as time went on, friends that visited Vedran’s relaxing haven told him that he shouldn’t keep  the charming estate just for himself. Now, he considers to open his own renting business.

„My family bought a stone house in Zvoneca about fifteen years ago,“ Vedran explains. „I immediately percieved it as my, how to say, ‘artistic attelier in the making’. Its age is not precisely known, but I don’t think its younger than a century and a half.“

Photo: Tomic and Kardum

The residence has three floors, each having about 40 square meters in size. At the moment, middle floor and attic level are arranged by young artist, while the basement still needs some work. „I was glad that roof didn’t need any upgrade whatsoever. The locals say it is 80 years old, but it is as efficient as newer ones.“

While renovating, Ruzic had a policy of retaining as much old elements as possible. The foundations of the house, including timber and stone walls, were not touched in any way. The novel assets had to be adjusted according to style and the existent state. „I even bought 100-years old tiles and bricks,“ he adds with pride, showing us the impressive interior.

Photo: Tomic and Kardum

The attelier comes with some rather unique decorative items, such as old military chest, hand-crafted furniture and ski equipment from past times. They all contribute to inspirational atmosphere, as well as some paintings of the owner that add color to the stony walls.

The pristine natural sceneries that surround the house are also a reason why you should consider renting Vedran’s estate. Contact Opatija Tourist Board for more information on that subject, and have a pleasant browsing of our image gallery below, showing what beauty you can expect from your visit.