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Croatia has a problem with coastal architecture, as new trends are often damaging the traditional vibe and harm the romantic sceneries. But the estate we are presenting you today is not sharing such approach. The lovely House of Gostinjac can be found on the Island of Krk, formerly believed to be the largest Island of Croatia. Renovated by crafty hands of “RBP Arhitekti” architectural studio, an old family estate has been turned into a prime example what construction in Croatia can become.

The task was quite challenging. The previous owners were a widespread across the world, and it took two years just to resolve the paperwork. After that, a lengthy process of planning and execution took place, but the final result does not disappoint one bit.


The estate was actually a complex of structures, constructed in 19th century. It included sites such as stables and blacksmith workshop, as well as a considerable length of drywalls.  All of these buildings had to be renovated and accustomed to their new functions. However, the policy was to respect the heritage and have zero tolerance on modern influences in architecture.

As a matter of fact, some old parts of the structure were renovated, such as old brass doors and original stone tiles. These were removed for repairs, only to be returned to their original spot. The interior has somewhat novel approach in terms of aesthetical minimalism, but it also retains the atmosphere of former times and genuine tradition.


The House of Gostinjac also has a beautiful outdoors, which surround the house with impressive horticultural solutions. A large pool is also here, probably the largest modern input on the estate in general.  In company of tall trees and an olive groove, this old lady is a magnificent sight, and a great example that ways of old Croatian building are still worthy of effort.

Check out the photo gallery below for some visual experience of Gostinjac House.

Photo: Hrvoje Serdar / CROPIX


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