The Adriatic Times Sinke

Stressful life and busy business schedules take tool on one’s mental batteries. Thankfully, summer vacation can fill them up again, especially if spent in Mediterranean settings. Piskera Island in central Dalmatia is one destination well-worthy of every sailor’s time.

Piskera Island is remote and uninhabited, having a coastline of approximately 10 kilometers in length. The only sign of civilization is a marina that accepts up to 150 vessels, providing them with functional berth infrastructure and a restaurant serving tasty delicacies.

As one can expect from such isolated destination, Piskera Island is very peaceful and ideal for relaxing summer experiences. Surrounded with pristine Adriatic Sea and dozens of smaller inlets, it may be the fulfillment of every sailor’s Mediterranean dream. Situated in the middle of Kornati National Park, this destination should be on your radar if you opt to have a naval visit of Croatia.

On the Last Sunday of July, locals of neighboring Dugi Otok Island flock to Piskera with their boast as a part of religious tradition. The whole scene is very picturesque and tourists are welcome to join the procession.

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Photo: Zeljko Hajdinjak / CROPIX