The Adriatic Times Sinke

Imagine having a vacation in beautiful natural surroundings that are far away from any crowds. Yet at the same time, your accommodation provides nothing but the most glamorous features. Such unique experience can easily be provided by Immortelle Deluxe Beachfront Villa, a classy spot that is located on the tiny island called Radelj.

“If you miss the company of civilization, the Island of Murter is only 20 minute boat-ride away,” said Mladen Novak, the owner of villa. “But as long as you stay on Inlet Radelj, you can enjoy your own sand beach with spa corner and observe Adriatic literally from every point of view.”

The house fits perfectly to surrounding area. Being situated in the tiny pine forest, it is as Mediterranean as it can possibly be. The estate is newly built, and during construction not a single tree was downed. “Being in the woods, Immortelle Deluxe Beachfront Villa has no need for modern air-conditioning. The shade of the trees provides all the cool and shade you must need,” Novak noted. “As a matter of fact, in the evening hours you can easily put some blankets, even during peak summer.”

The villa was designed with local tradition in mind. However at the same time it doesn’t stand shy of its more modern touches. Nothing was made of concrete, the only solid material being stone. The bathroom area is especially impressive, having a glass door with exterior view. As you are taking a shower, you can see small rabbits playing in the yard.

The villa has a mobile kitchen that you can move around the terrace. This way, you can always keep away from the direct sunlight while cooking in the outdoors. The accommodation comes with modern devices such as Smart TV and wireless Internet, but all the power is brought by solar panels.

Sounds interesting? Visit Immortelle Deluxe Beachfront Villa official website and schedule your arrival to this wonderful place. The pleasant shores of Adriatic wait for your arrival.

Photo: Immortelle Deluxe Beachfront Villa