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It is common to hear in Croatia that sardines have fed Dalmatia through the ages. The relatively small-sized fish has abundant population in Adriatic Sea, and is featured in numerous dishes of local cuisine. Here is a recipe for sardine brodetto, or as Dalmatinas would say “brujet”. It is a fish stew that goes well with a glass of white wine and home-made polenta. Read instructions how to prepare it in your own home.

What You Will Need

15 sardine fillets

4 tomatoes

1 onion

3 cloves of garlic

2 dl wine

Laurel leaf

3 leafs of sage plant

Rosemary branch (smaller)

Basil leafs

Olive oil

Corn grits

Sardine Brodetto Preparation

If you couldn’t find sardine fillets in the fish store, acquire freshly caught fish. Hold the head firmly and remove the spine with one quick move.

Fillets should be covered in flour from both sides and fried on sunflower oil. Once this is done, insert them in paper towels which will extract unwanted oil.

In a separate bowl, fry some onions on olive oil until they receive golden color. For a brief second, add minced garlic as well, but be aware that it can easily overburn. Insert tomatoes and all available herbs. Once the sauce thickens, pour some wine in the mixture.

Finally, add sardines so that their taste influences the sauce and vice versa. Taste the dish and adjust the aroma to your liking. Be aware that brodetto shouldn’t be stirred with any kitchen equipment. Rather than that, you should shake the pot in which it is being cooked. Be careful, as you’ll deal with some hot cooking assets.

Prepare corn grits by cooking it in water (the best ratio is 1:2) and serve it next to sardine brodetto. As already mentioned this dish goes well with white wine and can be a great meal for dinner.

Dobar tek!

Photo: Dobra Hrana Magazine