The Adriatic Times Sinke

Croatia is much loved by photographers of the world, as the natural sceneries and sites of historical importance are on every step. Some of these people even decide to bring their own drones for aerial footages, and the landscapes of Adriatic never disappoint.

This time, however, we are not ascending into the heights, but exploring the lovely streets of Split. The Croatian Capital of Dalmatia region has been founded by Roman Emperor Diocletian, and ever since its luxurious palace was constructed, the tale of this settlement’s glory has begun. The ancient city has been photographed in grayscale by Goran Anastasovski, a Macedonian freelance artist.

Goran excels at portraying wild animals in their natural habitats, but his recent stay in Split did not end up with that kind of image gallery. The photographer opted to depict the city’s architecture in black, white and grey tones. The results are very impressive, as you can witness in our selection below.

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