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Our frequent reader Maribeth Theisen made a lot of photographs during her stay in Croatia, the one above depicting a lovely little port of Rogac. It is a rather small village on the Island of Solta, but has a very long historical background. It served as a port to Solta’s town of Grohote, but as the time went, it developed into a separate settlement. The word rogač actually means carob in Croatian language.

The village still serves as Solta’s main docking place for ships of all sizes and functions. Yet, during hot summer months, it also becomes a prime tourist destination and a perfect base for exploring the rest of the island. Surrounded by numerous beaches, some being quite secluded and having no crowds at all, Rogac cam easily become one’s favorite place on Croatian shore.

The settlement is also known to have no bars and nightclubs on its premises. While some might find that to be an issue, the fact that nights are perfectly quiet attracts visitors with small children or those wishing to have a relaxing, easy-going stay in Croatia. If you need a good-night-sleep on your holiday, Rogac might be a perfect option.

Interestingly enough, the area of Rogac was inhabited even in Roman period, as proven by the excavated remains of an antique villa. The ramparts from the medieval period were also discovered in the vicinity, proving that the area was always as beautiful and welcoming as it is today.

The charming port of Rogac might inspire you for a visit to Island Solta. If that happens, do follow Maribeth’s example and make a lot of photos and videos. Upload them to our Facebook Wall and share your impressions with our online community. Along the way, you will get a chance to become our media contributor of the day.


Thank you for using my photo. I love taking pictures of this beautiful country


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