The Adriatic Times Sinke

Have you heard of CMRS? In that case, consider yourself lucky. The letters stand for Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, an organization tasked with safeguarding people in natural landscapes. In other words, these guys come to help people which got themselves hurt as their hiked, climbed or ventured through Croatian sceneries.

The members of this organization are well-trained and skilled in many crafts. They also use high-tech equipment and are very passionate in their work. In addition, they have a rather witty approach when talking to people through social media. Here is their latest statement, aimed towards visitors of Croatia.

Hopefully you won’t need CMRS during your stay in Croatia, but it is good to know such dedicated individuals are keeping you safe on holiday. Do yourself a favor and don’t do silly things in nature, leave the comical relief to these guys.

Remember to dial 112 in case of need, of course.