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Located far in the mountains of Dalmatian Land, the sources of Cetina River are one of Croatia’s hidden gems. Often left out from tourist brochures, these remote destinations could just be the thing you seek for a relaxing stay in the country. After all, Croats of the past times had a habit of retreating to mountains during peak summer months.

Changing their water colors from blue to green, these azure sources look mystical and inspiring. The visitors have a feeling as if being in a fantasy computer game. Those keen to photography never leave their gadgets idle and immediately plan their next trip.

Cetina, River, Glavas, Lake, Source

There are several sources of Cetina, but the most attractive is the so-called Glavas. Pictured above and also known as Veliko Vrilo, this pool of fresh water resembles a giant eye. Due to crystal clear blueness, it may deceive in terms of depth. While it looks shallow from above, Glavas actually has an entrance to underwater grotto on its bottom. Divers that explored this locality measured the cavern and concluded it to be more than 110 meters deep.

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Photo: Zvonimir Barisin / CROPIX