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In hot summer months, people living on Croatian shores actually moved upwards, in the hilly region of Lika. It is still somewhat overseen part of the country in terms of tourist promotion, but things are changing for the better every year. The recent available staying option is Doliba Cottage, which can be found in the charming village of Musaluk. If you have a car, it will take only a two-hour drive from Capital of Zagreb to reach this lovely spot, surrounded with untouched nature of Velebit Mountain. At the same time, the residence is very close to seaside, making it easy to refresh in the waves of Croatian Sea.


The interior of Doliba numbers lengthy 120 square meters in size. The additional complex includes a large grilling chamber with Finnish sauna, as well as stone-made tool storage. Children can play on the playground reserved just for them. In case you visit during colder season, you’ll be glad to know that heating is provided by large fireplace, supported with infrared panels. Doliba has three bedrooms, one of which is made for youngest guests. Two bathrooms are also available for use.

The cottage used to be a neglected estate, but once current owners decided to buy it, they invested a lot of resources to make it as classy as it is today. The interior itself doesn’t have a lot of details and massive furniture, as they wanted to underline surrounding wood as dominating material. The owners are very proud of the fact that they hand-crafted all chairs, tables and beds.

Doliba is a perfect location for family stay, especially to people who value natural retreats and outdoor enjoyments. Taking a walk through woods, fishing in the streams of Lika River, driving a bike or strolling up to the heights of local slopes- all these are available options for guests of Doliba. As for the nights, thanks to calmness and fresh air, they are exceptionally resting. Most visitors agree that they never had such deep and revitalizing sleep, as it was in Doliba.

Learn more about this place on its official website, and feel free to browse our image gallery of the estate below.

Photo: Berislava Picek / CROPIX