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The tale is nothing new. A neglected estate on Croatian coast suddenly met a family that noticed its potential. After hard work and lots of dedication, the structure became a charming spot that steals the show of many more prominent tourist localities. However, in this case, the estate is a fully-functional piece of naval infrastructure, called Sucuraj Lighthouse.

Indeed, thanks to Mladina family, visitors of Hvar can have a truly unique vacation spot. The lighthouse is situated on eastern shore of the island, surrounded with sea from three sides. Merely a few meters away from the coast, it is a dream-come-true for family vacation or an intimate retreat.

Sucuraj Lighthouse has been constructed in 1874, and ever since, it safeguards the passage of local vessels. It might come out as a surprise, but the building is still fulfilling its use. The large light bulb that is located atop the structure is fully functional, yet its work is automatic and needs only periodic maintenance. This means that guests don’t have to worry about the site’s operational nature, and won’t have to be in company of an engineer while on vacation.

Guests can be accommodated in four rooms, each having a little less than 30 square meters in size and a private bathroom. A large kitchen is also available, and for an extra fee, a professional chef can prepare meals according to guest’s wishes.  An outdoor grill can be of much use during good weather, and a small port can host a rented boat for exploring Hvar surroundings.

“The gorgeous sunrise in early morning hours, the sound of waves touching the shores, the smell of nature combined with relaxing breeze… these are just some of things you can enjoy while being accommodated in Sucuraj Lighthouse,” said Vlasta Mladina to Croatia Times Source.  “No visitor leaves without a positive impression. All they can do is relax in this dreamy landscape, and explore its surroundings.”

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Photo: Josip Rajevic / Studio 9