The Adriatic Times Sinke

Croatia is known for a high number of beautiful beaches. Some of these are secluded, and can be reached only with a lot of sweat and effort. Others are close to large settlements and quite popular. Despite their high attendance, they are still capable of providing a refreshing summer experience. For example, you can even play soccer on Bacvice beach, which is located in Dalmatian Capital of Split.

Of course, timing is very important. If crowds are present on the beach, chances are you won’t have enough space for your game. But as one can see from the photo above, an approaching storm makes the playground perfectly clear. The sandy terrain might lack grassy surfaces, but nobody expects Bacvice to be Poljud Stadium.

In case you are more interested in storm than soccer, there are things to do during such weather as well. Equipping yourself with quality raincoat and waterproof photo equipment enables you to take impressive images of Croatian outdoors. Who knows, you may even join Storm Chasers Croatia, an elite group of photographers who excel at filming in a rainy environment? Or you might just want to spend some time in Split indoors, perhaps visiting a frog museum or having a great meal.

The Town of Split has many unique features and you are more than welcome to explore its rich tourist offer. To play soccer on Bacvice beach can be just the first step of a beautiful adventure, waiting for you in Croatia.