Happy International Worker’s Day, readers. We hope your job fulfills you and grants you satisfaction in everyday life. We also wish that once your working season ends, you will spend a vacation in Croatia. The nation celebrates this day with fiestas and public gatherings. In some cases, old traditional games are being played in squares and promenades of Croatia, one of them being Lojava Greda.

Literally meaning „The  Greased Plank“, this game is pretty straightforward. A large plank is placed next to the sea in the way that it can be crossed from the mainland. It is covered with grease or some other slippery spread. At its very end one can find a hanging prosciutto or even a large lamb ready to be put on a roast. Whoever wishes may try to reach this attractive prize, but that is more difficult than it seems at the first glance. A lot of people do try, only to end falling in not-yet-so-warm Adriatic Sea. Of course, the experience is coupled with cheering of large audiences. And although most contestants end up in the shallows, some actually manage to reach their goal and go home with an attractive award.

The photo above was taken in the coastal Town of Baska. Next time you see a potential roast hanging above the water, put your athletic skills to test and try to grasp the award.

Photo: Ivo Ravlic / CROPIX