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You don’t need Hubble telescope to observe the depths of space in Croatia. All you have to do is take a trip to country’s highlands, and see the splendor of starry galaxies with your bare eyes. Dalmatia is known for its gorgeous coast and dog breed which became globally famous, but one shouldn’t neglect its mountainous parts either.

Being almost completely free of industry and light pollution, these parts of Dalmatia feature skies as clear as Adriatic Sea itself. This, of course, means stars are much more visible and abundant on sky.

Visitors coming from urban areas, where stars are difficult to spot, are describing Dalmatian sky as breathtaking and fable-like. Fascinated with number of stars and their clear shine, they deem it the sole reason why one should come to Croatia. Entire constellations can be detected without help of any astronomic equipment, although a simple binocular will greatly increase your stargazing experience.

Our photographer Zvonimir Barisin has recently visited Dalmatian high grounds, and took several impressive pictures of Milky Way above. It is only a small preview of the beauty one can witness as he or she explores the universe from clean and preserved Croatian soil.

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Photo by: Zvonimir Barisin / CROPIX

Check out Barisin’s pics in the gallery below: