The Adriatic Times Sinke

Croatian brand Pcelica-a-Art is gaining momentum, much thanks to its prime honey products. The whole tale has begun in Osijek, a notable city in the country’s inland territories. Bonding quality and tradition, the company has gained considerable buzz and became a recognizable label on local market. Now, Pcelica-a-Art is making a new step. With novel shop in Split, the brand intends to increase its presence even further and offer its products to tourists that visit during summertime.

The word pcelica means a small bee in Croatian language. Yet, it seems that this particular bee has big ambitions, according to Mirjana Matic that owns the shop. “Our honey has received the influential awards for their quality, including Zlatne Zice and Zlatni Roj. And we are especially proud of this year’s achievement. We gained a diploma for unique packing of our honey and award for best souvenir.”

The products of Pcelica-a-Art can be bought in special editions that are oriented towards tourist market. These come in special packaging and can serve as perfect gifts for people back home. “We also sell wines of Baranja region and rakija spirits. Home-made ajvar spread, jam, pumpkin and olive oils are also on the shelves of our shop. All of these come from small family-owned farms.” Mirjana adds that she also sells fine truffle products of Istrian firm Zigante .

“Finally, people can buy hand-crafted soaps and decorative ceramics that are made by Croatian craftsmen. Lavender products are on sale too, as are many other fine items of interest,” Mirjana concludes.

If in Split, don’t hesitate to visit Zadarska Street 7, where you will find this charming little shop. It is opened throughout the entire year, with working hours being between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. The prices of honey are between 65 HRK / 8,70 € and 85 HRK / 11,50 € per 900 g, depending on the type. Beautiful candles can be acquired for merely 10 HRK / 1,30 €, while the more luxurious items of the kind cost 110 HRJ / 14,75 €.

Indeed, Pcelica-a-Art is a Split place well worthy of your time, and a locality to consider during your stay in the capital of Dalmatia region.

Photo: Ante Cizmic / Hanza Media