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Most people living in naval regions of Croatia don’t like wind. But for Paula Pavicic and Viviana Matulic, it is a vital part of their favorite activity- kitesurfing above the Adriatic waves. This duo of adrenaline lovers is always ready for an exciting brawl with natural elements, as they jump over water surface and perform impressive stunts.

„Whenever I get myself on the surfing board, I feel freedom. Just the fact that you control the wind, that you use it to move around, decrease or increase the speed, use its power to perform a jump… it is a very liberating experience,“ Viviana explained. Her first contact with this extreme sport happened on Bol beach, where she was introduced to kitesurfing together with her fiancée.

“The minute we finished the learning course, we both invested in our own gear. Then we went to Brasil, as winter in Croatia doesn’t allow surfing sessions. The ocean sea has its own rhythm and makes waves even without wind. In the case of Adriatic Sea, it’s the opposite,” Viviana explains. “Soon, my fiancée and I went to our first competitions. Then we married and went to kitesurf together in Greece. “In past, Viviana used to play ballet and pole dance, both of which stayed an important part of her life.

Paula, on the other hand, has always been tied to sea. “My weekends were usually spent next to Adriatic. My father was a nautical expert, so I was always in touch with sea animals and coastal sceneries,” she explains, adding with a giggle “I was kind of a girl who wasn’t afraid to touch an octopus.”

Paula began her surfing career on snow layer, however. But as the time passed, she ended up on a kitesurfing course in Neretva valley, followed by a trip to Sicily associated with the sport. Soon, she used her knowledge of professional video editing to make movies about her new passion. She plans to continue the work on this field, and even participate in the festivals which cherish naval life- sucha as International Ocean Film Tous and Europaen Outdoor Film Tour.

“Since I begun to kitesurf, my weekends are completely different. I really don’t understand people who spend the night out on Friday, only to spend the next two days recovering. For me, enjoying all these things that sea offers you is a much fulfilling experience. Maybe one can grab a beer after a round of kitesurfing,” Paula concludes.

These Croatian girls invite you to enjoy extreme sports on the coasts of Adriatic. If you need to learn kitesurfing, don’t be afraid. There are plenty of opportunities to do so. Contact the Tourist Office of the destination you plan to visit, and organize your instructor onsite.

Photo: Josko Ponos / Hanza Media

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I would like to ask you if you organize some kind of courses/lessons or not…?
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2. I do not have my equipment till now..
Please let me know, whether it;s possible or not.,…
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