The Adriatic Times Sinke

In Croatia one can attend numerous events and tourist activities. But sometimes it is enough just to start your car engines and have a road trip across your vicinities. It will be a tour of its own kind. From lovely continental outdoors of Slavonia to beautiful sceneries one can find in the country’s coastal areas, there is natural splendor on every kilometer of your trip. The photo above was taken on a roadway in vicinity of Omis and Trogir, two distinctive Croatian towns that are also popular tourist destinations.

Of course, one should be reminded about basic traffic safety. No matter the beauty you may enjoy on your travels, always stick to driving rulebook and don’t put yourself in any danger. Do not stop in the middle of the roadway just to make a photo (some people do that, actually!). Stop the car on appointed places and enjoy the surroundings at ease.

Photo: Duje Klaric / CROPIX