The Adriatic Times Sinke

Bora, or commonly said bura in Croatia, is a very strong wind that dominates Adriatic scenery in fall season. Reaching the speeds of up to 110 km/h, bora can have hurricane-like effects and is a good excuse not to leave the shores. Unless of course you are are windsurfer, in which case you probably want to enjoy every second of its intense blowing.

Although nuisance to local residents, bora wind can be perceived as a kind of cleaner to Croatian shores. The arrival of its season is technically the final conclusion of intense tourist activities and preparation for the colder time of the year.

Plus, bora can lead to some truly impressive naval photographs, as proven by our image gallery below. The pictures were taken in Premantura, a village located on Istrian peninsula in the immediate vicinity of Medulin town. It may be difficult to promote it as a splendid summer destination with these images, but trust us- swimsuits are mandatory  to Premantura coasts.

Photo: Goran Sebelic / CROPIX