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Every year, dozens of new hotels and resorts are being constructed in Croatia. Hopefully, most of them are finished before the arrival of new tourist season.  The residents of Dalmatian capital, for example, are busy on the new Hotel construction site, which is located on Western Shore. The new accommodation facility will replace the former Hotel Ambassador, which was demolished to make room for the novel classy spot.

Hotel Construction

At first glance, Hotel Construction site isn’t really something eye-catchy and attractive. However, once you ascend your camera on a drone and broaden the frame, the scenery gets a notable upgrade. With beautiful Split neighborhoods and pristine waters of Adriatic Sea, the site becomes very picturesque. Imagine what beauty will be at disposal to guests of soon-to-be-constructed hotel.

The following gallery is authored by our photographer Zvonimir Barisin. If you have your own images or video clips of Split, feel free to share them on our Facebook Page and earn a chance to become our media contributor of the day.

Photo: Zvonimir Barisin / Hanza Media

Carolyn Davi

I live in Carmel California. It is a unique community almost immune to bad economic times. All around us on this beautiful Monterey Peninsula the powers that be have given in to the developers in the hope of bringing more visitors, more money and of course the minimum wage jobs that go with these giant hotels. Carmel refuses to change believing the uniqueness of this small village is exactly why people come. It has paid off again and again throughout good times and not so good times; they keep coming when other communities are suffering. I fear Croatia will destroy the very reason people go to visit. Planning is absolutely vital. The huge hotels should never be allowed get the prime beach front property thus blocking the views and access for the rest of the community. I was in Rovinj again last summer and was saddened by the giant cranes building a large hotel directly across from the seaside prominade. Why wasn’t it built down the coastline away from the incredibly old, fragile and beautiful Rovinj old town? Hotels can provide boats and buses to transport guests easily enough. Now everyone in the old city will have to look out at the monstrosity instead of the gorgeous coastline. All that in the name of money. They will destroy what people come for if allowed. All you have to do is look at California’s southern verses northern coastline. The coastline should always be preserved for everyone, not a few.

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