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In the vicinity of Dalmatian Town of Omis, one can find the tiny hamlet of Stara Celina. A couple of years ago, local resident Josko Kovacic decided to invest his time in an olive grove he inherited from his family. Since that is quite a difficult job, he needed a spot for resting and storing his tools. Being a mason by profession, he begun the construction of a small house on his land. Twelve years have passed since then, and the residence became one of the most charming buildings in the region.

„I begun to make it like an ordinary field house,“ Kovacic explains. „But then I missed the kitchen, so I built the kitchen. Then I had to add bathroom. After some time, I made an outdoor kitchen with large roasting oven and grill. Time went, and I made more additions. A small storage for tools and a little hen house were my last work.”

Tom Dubravec / CROPIX Agency

The peaceful oasis of Stara Celina is recently constructed, but thanks to clever usage of material and the way of built; it looks as if it was made centuries ago. The house even has windows colored in blue, as the owner enjoys painting in his free time. The estate is decorated with numerous items associated with life in Dalmatia, from ancient tools for agriculture to rusted sailor gear.

Unfortunately, the house is not available for rent at this point, but according to Kovacic, that may change in the future. “My children may opt to go in tourist business, and offer the house as an accommodation facility in upcoming summers.”

But Josko is far from being over with his little haven in Dalmatia. His next idea is to make a swimming pool next to the house. Such project might take its time, but knowing the owner’s will and determination, it will surely come into existence.

Niksa Sipanicev / CROPIX Agency

“I have been retired for a year and a half now. I immediately begun working on my agricultural fields, and we even registered a firm on my wife’s name. People ask me how can I do all these things at once, and I just tell them that I have been working all my life,” Josko concludes, in the shades of his beautiful home.


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