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Good news are coming from European Film Market, as the biopic film about Nikola Tesla has been announced. Millenium Media production company plans to make a unique Nikola Tesla movie that would introduce wide audiences with life of this magnificent scientist. The titular character will be played by Ethan Hawke, while Michael Almereyda will pull the strings as a director. The couple has already achieved much with their collaboration, working on Shakespearian adaptations of Hamlet and Cymbeline.

Cravat Day, Nikola Tesla
Goran Mehkek / CROPIX

Nikola Tesla was born in present-day Croatia, in Serbian family that lived in Lika region. Even in his young age, he was keen to research world around him and was attracted to scientific approach to surroundings. Later in life, he moved to United States, where he begun to work with Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse. At that time, academic community was in the middle of heated debate over the safety of electrical transmission systems. The state of affairs largely calmed after Tesla offered his contributions to technology. During his life, he invented more than 300 patents and many believe that some of his most advanced ideas were actually stolen by his fellow scientists. Despite his fame, he died as a poor man in 1943, at the age of 86.

One of the most influential persons in history, Tesla is symbol of humanity’s scientific determination and belief that world can become a better place.  He appeared several times in the movies, usually depicted as an enigmatic supporting character with distinct appeal. In recent years, he was portrayed by David Bowie and Nicholaus Hoult. One can expect that Ethan Hawke will make an impressive acting achievement in the upcoming Nikola Tesla movie as well.

Having Croatia as his native homeland, Tesla is one of the country’s symbols and the most recognizable figures on global scale. Visitors are wholeheartedly invited to visit his place of birth, a village called Smiljan in Lika region. An onsite memorial center will greatly increase their knowledge about this distinctive individual, and how his wit changed our modern world.

Feature Photo: Nicolas Genin