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The islands of Cres and Losinj are known for their untouched nature and hundreds of small coves, beaches and valleys. Taking a walk through this beauty not only relaxes, but inspires people for artistic work. For example, if you own a Canon EOS camera, as Mark Kodric had during his visit to aforementioned islands, you might make an impressive video.

Cres and Losinj

See Mark’s take on Cres and Losinj here:

If you like what you see, consider visiting Cres and Losinj in your upcoming Croatian adventures. The features of these islands are regularly featured on our website (if you wish to learn more about settlements of Cres, click here or discover the tale of Losinj’s ancient athlete here). They can also be great bases for exploring other regions of Dalmatian region, not to mention that those who cruise Adriatic Sea have plenty of reasons to harbor theri vessels on the gentle shores of these islands.

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Photo and Video Courtesy of: Mark Kodric