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Sometimes, a simple drive through a remote road can lead you to a unique sight. One such mystical encounter happened to our photo-reporter Bozidar Vukicevic, as the travelled across the slopes of Kamesnica Mountain, which is located above Sinj Town. During his trip across the frozen landscape, he noted strange shapes in the foggy distance. He slowed down his car, and after a while, reached a herd of horses that peacefully dwelled next to road. As every avid photographer, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to make a few photos in such occasion. After parking the car, Bozidar made an impressive gallery of images.

A Mystical Encounter with horses in Kamesnica

The population of wild horses is existent on Croatian soil. The animals don’t have a legitimate owner, and survive on their own in the outdoors. However, it is possible that this herd actually visited from neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also possible that horses technically belong to somebody, but rather than being inside ranch premises, they are free to roam the wild lands of Zagora region.

A Mystical Encounter with horses in Kamesnica

Whatever being the case, the mystical encounter was quite an experience, as you can witness in our gallery below.

Photo: Bozidar Vukicevic / Hanza Media